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Femmepop - The Next Peak Vol III (Twin Peaks Tribute)

Femmepop's latest new music is featured on the final instalment of the magnificent 'The Next Peak' compilation albums. It is released by Austin based record label Retro Promenade. This final Volume, Volume III, features 25 original songs inspired by the 1990s tv series.

Femmepop's track is inspired by her favourite character of the series, Audrey.

The song charaterises the mysterious yet cheeky persona of Ms Audrey Horne. Femmepop was more than proud to be featured on this album as she has been a massive fan ever since the series first aired on television.

So grab yourself a copy of the album Now on Bandcamp, and also grab yourself a damn fine cup of coffee and cherry pie!

You can find the it here:


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