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Femmepop 'Dancing With Myself' - Album Process & Update (1)

'Dancing With Myself' my second album will be released in January 2017. The original date was set for December 2016 but when you undertake such a huge project as this original deadlines and goal posts change. I am happy 2016 saw the release of my second EP 'Underground' if not the second album too!

The album will contain 8-9 entirely new songs all previously unheard or performed anywhere. It has all been recorded, composed, and produced using mainly Ableton products namely the Push 2 and Ableton Live. I will write more about working with the amazing Ableton Live & Push later but I can say it has made producing this album a lot easier than with my first album 'From A Girl Who Never Sleeps' and the 'Underground' EP where on both occasions I used FL Studio . It is a clear and painless DAW to use.

So far the recording process has mostly taken place at night! I prefer to work in the late hours and my voice always seems to work better after day light! This is the first time I have ever recorded and composed in Spain too so I am wondering if that has influenced my sound on this album at all! Hmm.....I don't think so. I will post further updates as they happen so stay tuned!

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