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Femmepop 'Dancing With Myself' Album - Recording Vocals/Microphones.

In recording my vocals for this album I wanted to use a different microphone from the Audio - Technica ATM33a microphone I used on my debut album 'From A Girl Who Never Sleeps'.

I am using a Rode NT1 - A for this album. Yes, it is a standard - nothing - fancy microphone but I like it. I like the way my vocals sound through it, they sound warmer and richer than using my Audio Technica. I put it through my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 when I record. Then on Ableton live I am so far, using a tiny bit of 'Ambience Medium -Room'.

Previously I have always recorded my vocals dry but lately I find it more inspiring and enjoyable using a tad of reverb. I turn down the 'Density', 'Scale', 'Decay Time' and 'Stereo' in the Ambience reverb until I get a sound I like. I don't spend too much time on this. As you could go mad!

I sometimes do up to 5 or 6 takes when recording vocals but no more as I never need to. I find I always have the ideas for my vocals well practised in my head before I sing! I warm up my vocals beforehand too, singing scales and doing various vocal exercises. I never eat before singing as there is nothing worse than singing on a full tummy! I drink a little bit of water that's it. I add harmonies if I feel the first vocal is complemented by them, but otherwise I have never been too obsessed with harmonies. I hate vocal warbling. I have had my voice trained twice once in music college then on another musical course I did. I prefer to use my natural instincts in singing than using generic training. There is something to be said about natural bespoke instinctual singing as opposed to trained and robotic vocals. Harriet Wheeler of 'The Sundays' has always inspired me vocally. Her voice always sounds natural and untainted. Too many voices sound the same lately.

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