Electronic North DWM Review.

Electronic North recently gave 'Dancing With Myself' a glowing Review.


"This is strong music, with a message to carry. Powerful, socially conscious and feminist. It’s easy to automatically associate the idea of politically charged music with a rougher, shouter and punkier style, and it’s refreshing and enlightening to hear it wrapped within a sparkly and pop edged style. Breakout, in particular, strikes out hard at the idea that women should ever just accept the inequality present in modern society. It’s damn near anthemic in content, with a driving, catchy feel. If any one track is the perfect representation of what I’ve said about the combination of prominent message and pop melody, then I think that this might well be it.''

You can read full review here: http://www.electronicnorth.co.uk/femmepop-dancing-with-myself/

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