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Femmepop - Repeal the 8th -Brighton March 17th.

Femmepop will be playing at the 'Rose Hill' Brighton in support of 'Repeal the 8th'. Femmepop is playing in support of abortion being available to all females living on the island that is Ireland.

In Ireland,

The Eighth Amendment equates the right to life of a pregnant woman with that of an embryo or foetus. In doing so it criminalises abortion in all cases except where to continue a pregnancy would result in death. This archaic and dangerous law: - infringes on the human rights of women in Ireland and goes against international human rights norms - denies access to basic health care, forcing over 154,000 to travel overseas to obtain an abortion since 1980 - criminalises those who self-administer abortion pills in Ireland - maintains a false and medically dangerous distinction between risk to health and risk to life - discriminates against those who cannot travel to obtain abortions - does not reflect present public opinion in Ireland

#Femmepop #Gig #Brighton #March17th #ProAbortion #Ireland #Repealthe8th

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